Today at Apple | The Art of Words

Kids Hour: Poems and Pictures with Deborah Emmanuel

Sunday, 11 November
4pm to 6pm
Apple Orchard Road

Writer Deborah Emmanuel shows you how to use poetry and painting to explore the world, as Today at Apple celebrate The Art of Words. Kids will go on a fun guided walk of less than 1km, taking inspiration from their surroundings. Then they’ll get hands-on with iPad and Apple Pencil to create expressive poems and sketches. Bring your devices or we can provide them. Perfect for kids aged 6–12.

This session is part of Apple’s The Art of Words series featuring Amanda Chong, Cloudhedd, Deborah Emmanuel, Haresh Sharma, Lilian Lee, Mye De Leon, Nathaniel Ong and Rachel Koh.

Deborah Emmanuel


Deborah Emmanuel is a Singaporean poet and artist who’s fascinated by the crossover between words and music. She’s performed at festivals in Spain, Indonesia and Australia, and has appeared as a TEDx speaker.