Read! Fest 2018

Not All Bowls Are Created Equal

Saturday, 7 July
4pm to 5.30pm
Central Public Library
Programme Zone, National Library Board, 100 Victoria Street

All-in-one healthy bowls or “bowl food” has gained in popularity over the past year, known for being nutritionally balanced, convenient, and oh-so Instagram worthy. Hear from the founders of popular food establishments Aloha Poke, Ninja Bowl, Lean Bento and An Acai Affair on what makes their concept so unique, what got them started in the industry, and their thoughts on eating clean to maintain a healthy and happy lifestyle.

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Anna Ng & Isabel Lee


An Acai Affair was founded by Anna Ng and Isabel Lee, 2 SMU Undergraduates and close friends who share the same love for Acai and all things nutritious and wholesome. They started An Acai Affair with the aim of raising awareness about Acai and its many health benefits, and to make it more affordable and accessible to the masses.

Charles Ng


Charles graduated from the National University of Singapore in 2003 with Honours in Mechanical Engineering. Growing up as an overweight child and teenager, he adopted various diets and found a sweet spot in keeping a lean and youthful physique with recipes that he had created with whole food ingredients and interacting organic chemistry found in these foods. Lean Bento, a wholefood bistro was thus conceived and set up by Charles and his best friend. Now in his 40s, he truly believes in living life to the fullest. He regularly shares his knowledge in skincare, fitness and nutrition through his businesses’ social media pages; in hope of generating greater awareness and to help the general public make informed lifestyle choices.

Darren Wee


Darren Wee is the owner and Managing Director of The Astronauts Group that manages F&B concepts Ninja Bowl, Ninja Cut, and Ninja Catering. The ex-Radio DJ started his media career with Power 98FM and later, moved on to Mediacorp Radio 98.7FM where he hosted a weekly food show. This brought him into frequent interaction with food and various chefs who helmed the kitchens of many popular restaurants in Singapore. This piqued his interest in all things related to food, which very much contributed to his decision to start his journey into the F&B industry.

John Chen


Born in Singapore and graduated from the United States, John was raised on hamburgers and 90210. John has spent the last 13 years of his career as a banker and has lived around the world in Singapore, London and the Middle East where he has acquired a taste for a wide range of international cuisine. John enjoys an active lifestyle, with a love for the sun, sand and sea.

Celine Asril


Ever since she discovered MFK Fisher’s Consider The Oyster at the age of 19, Celine Asril wanted to be a food writer. Within eight years, she achieved that, and more — she became a food critic and editor of what was once Singapore’s largest food website. Along the way, she was published in Time Out Singapore, Forbes Travel Guide and Esquire Singapore, to name a few. In 2016, she switched from a full-time career in food editing and writing to pursue her other love, sustainability. Her current hustle includes offering strategic input to brands interested in harnessing the power of content, digital or otherwise.