Read! Fest 2018

Publishing A Cookbook — The Insider’s Journey

Saturday, 30 June
4.30pm to 6pm
Central Public Library
Programme Zone, National Library Board, 100 Victoria Street

A dialogue between professionals with published works, sharing their creative processes during research, writing and publishing of their works. Creative non-fiction writing is a voyage of discovery which differs from most other arts (or poetry for that matter), in one of its major modes of thought – narrative improvisation, a reflective mode that typically involves practical cooking viewpoints. Their recommended reading lists will be discussed. This session is suitable for chef inspired types, writers of food and cook blogs and all curious creatures!

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Christopher Tan


Christopher is an award-winning writer, author, photographer and speaker whose works has appeared in magazines such as The Peak, G magazine, and America’s Saveur, and in The Straits Times. He has presented talks on food and culture in Singapore, Australia, America and France. He has authored and co-authored 11 cookbooks.

Devagi Sanmugam


Devagi is an accomplished authority on Asian food scene. She is constantly involved in developing and testing original recipes and formulas for food companies, hotels and restaurants all over the world. She has 22 cookbooks under her belt and will soon be launching her 23rd cookbook, My Mother’s Kitchen Pharmacy.

Celine Asril


Ever since she discovered MFK Fisher’s Consider The Oyster at the age of 19, Celine Asril wanted to be a food writer. Within eight years, she achieved that, and more — she became a food critic and editor of what was once Singapore’s largest food website. Along the way, she was published in Time Out Singapore, Forbes Travel Guide and Esquire Singapore, to name a few. In 2016, she switched from a full-time career in food editing and writing to pursue her other love, sustainability. Her current hustle includes offering strategic input to brands interested in harnessing the power of content, digital or otherwise.