Today at Apple

Sustainable Living with Celine Asril

Saturday, 21 April
12.00pm to 1.30pm
Apple Orchard Road

Our electronic devices shape our lives, but how do we shape a better world with it? Join writer and sustainability advocate Celine Asril as she shares and discusses ways to live a more sustainable digital life in celebration of Earth Day. In this session, you will learn the tips and tricks on energy saving and, together, brainstorm new ideas on how to reduce your environmental impact with the use of iPad Pro, Apple Pencil and the Notes app.

Celine Asril


Ever since she discovered MFK Fisher’s Consider The Oyster at the age of 19, Celine Asril wanted to be a food writer. Within eight years, she achieved that, and more — she became a food critic and editor of what was once Singapore’s largest food website. Along the way, she was published in Time Out Singapore, Forbes Travel Guide and Esquire Singapore, to name a few. In 2016, she switched from a full-time career in food editing and writing to pursue her other love, sustainability. Her current hustle includes offering strategic input to brands interested in harnessing the power of content, digital or otherwise.